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Don’t ever apologize to an author for buying something in paperback, or taking it out from a library (that’s what they’re there for. Use your library). Don’t apologize to this author for buying books second hand, or getting them from bookcrossing or borrowing a friend’s copy. What’s important to me is that people read the books and enjoy them, and that, at some point in there, the book was bought by someone. And that people who like things, tell other people. The most important thing is that people read…
Neil Gaiman (via anastasiabooks)

If ears can drool, then mine has produced buckets.

Sara Bareilles has always been my favorite. Was supposed to post a video of Bittersweet but I can’t find any live performance. Good thing this OSM vid showed itself. Been hearing the first song a lot because of AI. I love how she did the dirty version of it.


Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You (Live)

and that Cee Lo Green’s F*ck You intro is just… wow.

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